How to get a competitive estimate on electric signs.

All electric signs are custom made, some are generic as far as shape (such as an illuminated box sign) but all are made from scratch, many starting as flat materials that are hand crafted to the desired shape. Some pre-made sub assemblies are used such as a fluorescent ballast which carries its own manufacturers warranty in addition to our warranty period. There is alot of thought that is given to the design since the sign is made for the situation. As far as mounting, durability, serviceability, day and night visibility, and looking proportional to the area installed.

The more info you can provide to us will allow us to manufacture or provide the right sign for the situation at a competitive price. Most of all, a sign should be designed to attract customers and increase your traffic or meet your image goals.

With 26 years in the sign and lighting business, we can guide you through the entire process, regardless of your location. We ship nationally and we can handle all of the details from logo design to landlord approval. So call, e-mail, or fax us today with all of your sign and lighting needs!

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